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Knit some accessories August 17, 2009

Here I found some nice knitted accessories. All of them are from

I just like sometimes to search new pattens by surfing in internet, finding new knitting websites and one by one checking all pages till I finde something very nice.


The bracelets are gorgeous! Can take some peaces of yarn left from last knitting project and combinate nice colours together.

Than attach glitters or small buttons and bracelet is ready.


D_PATT006365 t_iksp09 D_PATT006362


Nice website for knitters August 15, 2009

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I found very nice website with hundreds of different knitting and crocheting  patterns. There you definitely can find some new ideas for new craft project. Just one thing what I didn’t like so much was that there is not technical drawings for each pattern. I suppose that some of the patterns you have to buy or just knit with written instructions.

Here are some nice things to make!





wool and the gang August 14, 2009

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One can knit to unwind or focus, to reflect or scheme. One can knit to to create, produce, use ones hands… one can knit to give or to keep.

Knitting lets us create an object that carries with it the added value of uniqueness and time.

The memories of the knitter, a souvenir of what was going on while the object was being made, a record of our existence.

There is a wonderful connection between the knitter, the yarn , the object produced and the person who eventually uses it. Wool is a wonderful thing.

We believe knitting is accessible and simple enough for everyone to pick up. We would like to share with everyone what it feels like to knit.

We want to teach those who never had the access to the craft and to offer something attractive and challenging to existing knitters.

We will design beautiful yet simple objects by adding a modern and unexpected touch to a timeless tradition. We will collaborate with dynamic designers, stylists, and expert knitting pattern makers and teachers from around the world.

Our products will include a range of exquisite quality yarns in fun colours accompanied by beautiful patterns and customisation accessories. Basics with details that sets them apart and special limited pieces.

We will produce knitting kits to get you started as a beginner and to accompany you through your progression as a knitter right through to more challenging projects. We are commited to guiding you by providing support online and on print.We will also offer the opportunity to obtain a selection of already completed unique hand knitted pieces. We believe in a transparent and conscious brand, respectful of our environment, the countries and the communities which supply our yarn.

I liked this webside cause of it simple knits and in wich style they are showen.

Good to see for insperations and wool shopping.


Knits for man August 25, 2008

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As there is coming autumn I had an idea to make some nice jumper for my brother or boyfriend. It is so hard to find some stylish patterns for men jumpers! Most of what I saw where with boring colours or too warm. Here are some wich could ‘work’ 🙂

The first one could be good for cold winter days. Athers are a bit too glamour style but maybe if I would choose some more neitral colours…

Blue hooded jumper liked very much to my brother. In fact, he is similar to that guy in picture that’s why! 😀 For colours I prefer make that green jumper but as always it looks soo hot that over zero degrees my boyfrend could too hot in it.