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Knit some accessories August 17, 2009

Here I found some nice knitted accessories. All of them are from

I just like sometimes to search new pattens by surfing in internet, finding new knitting websites and one by one checking all pages till I finde something very nice.


The bracelets are gorgeous! Can take some peaces of yarn left from last knitting project and combinate nice colours together.

Than attach glitters or small buttons and bracelet is ready.


D_PATT006365 t_iksp09 D_PATT006362


Suitcase beds for pets August 15, 2009

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Vintage suitcase are transformed by “Vintage Renaissance” into a wonderful beds for those jet-setting animals in our life. The pillows are custom-made as well as the legs that are choosen with style.




Cool design! September 7, 2008

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Another interactive design is Jumbled Words, or Mots Mélés. It’s part of Wallpaper Games, a series of products by French designers 5.5, who created this constantly changing ‘living wallpaper’ for waiting rooms, toilets and other places where people may need something to do to pass the time. Not yet in production, the paper was shown at the Salon du Meuble de Paris in January. We’re betting on its appearance at a store near you in the not-too-distant future.

Healthy Plates
This model is taking care of you by noticing the daily basics food needs diagramm. Two plates per pack.

To create a coat hanger.

My favorite pictures from flickr! September 4, 2008

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One lazy day I set like around two hours near computer and checking home design ideas in flickr website. In real I can’t make it all what I saw there but at least save it for future 😉 

I always wondered to make my one home most of all in green tones but then I thought that also that blue and yellow color are making very light and pretty the room for live.  

In the second picture I got in love with that birds. They could perfectly stay like a picture on the wool for example in children room.  

I had a good idea for that black tree! Like I could draw it on the wool and then attach some small black hangars that from far it seems hanged on the Cool!