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Crochet ideas August 25, 2008

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Yesterday I stayed like three hours near computer ’cause I found very nice photos of crocheted things on flickr. I would like to make most of them, just need money and time! 

There are some bags wich I would like to have!

There are also funny decors to attach wherever you want.

That pink bubles are very cute!


Husband of Bon Bon

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I forgot to tell that while we made ready our flat in Ireland the cat was left in Italy. She stayed with her babysitter – girl who study for become veterinary. She was very carreful and nice with our cat.

As many of veterinary also she had another cats to take care for. So, Bon Bon got in love with Pablo and they stayed together for five months.


My cat Bon Bon

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Already more than one year she is near me somewhere in home and at night she is sleeping over my had.

But, all in all, she’s not a tipical cat,’cause for bring her to our new home in Ireland we crossed a big part of Europe from Italy. She had to stay in that small and anconfortable box for two days, and she got out only in late evening for stay at hotel. The most scarry moment was when we took an aeroplane for come from England to Ireland. We had to give her away with all baggages and she stayed out looking to how is arriving our aeroplane with verrry big noise. 

The point of it all is, that it was very hard to plan that trip with her. I never thought in my life that there are so few areoplane companies who let take pats on the bord. And most of the companies asked very high price as well. 

We had to use six trains, one ferry and aeroplane to get in two days to Ireland. 

And at the and my brother had to pick up as from aeroport with a  car ’cause to bring pets on the buses is not allowed.

After this ‘quite’ hard trip my boyfriend worked some three days for make nice video. 

And there is my pritty Bon Bon when she doesn’t have to stay in cage but she can be free for run and explore the most beautiful places of Italy 🙂


Searching for Jeans August 24, 2008

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My last big problem is to find new end trendy jeans. I went to couple of shops for see new season arrivals and understand what from it all is the best for me. Seems that arriving 60.! Hippy style is back and for that I have an idea to buy bootcut tipe of jeans. There where good looking from new Miss Sixty winter collection.

front jeans


I will try then for shure and will see if that style of jeans cut is for me or better always choose skinny jeans.


Hello world!

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