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One thing for many ways of use August 29, 2008

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Two things to make August 26, 2008

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Things I would wish for

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Maybe the colours are not the best, but the way how they made I like.


































Brown jumper is very nice. I like the way how it’s made ander breast. 


























    The grey cap could be good for       winter time. And the scarf seems     big and confortable es well.

    What I think to make with the           same color is that cardigan ander     my tekst. I like how good                 together looks green and red             colour. And flower on the left           side gives her romantic looking.




















Knits for man August 25, 2008

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As there is coming autumn I had an idea to make some nice jumper for my brother or boyfriend. It is so hard to find some stylish patterns for men jumpers! Most of what I saw where with boring colours or too warm. Here are some wich could ‘work’ 🙂

The first one could be good for cold winter days. Athers are a bit too glamour style but maybe if I would choose some more neitral colours…

Blue hooded jumper liked very much to my brother. In fact, he is similar to that guy in picture that’s why! 😀 For colours I prefer make that green jumper but as always it looks soo hot that over zero degrees my boyfrend could too hot in it.


Really big eyes!

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Have anyone ever seen bigger eyes than thease? I saw her photo on “Bazaar” cover and thought how they can make sach a photoshop on a cover of magazin. Like I really didn’t think that they are for real soo big. After I searched her name in google and there appear her pictures on runway. 

The name is Masha Tylna and she is from Ukraine.

After searching information about her I realised that thanks to her big eyes she is getting popular in model industry. I mean, she is quite few time working like a model (’cause I haven’t seen her before) but there is already such a database on google.



Waching some ather Masha Tyelna photos I saw that very much depend how is made her make up. Some photos are qiute and she looks like real baby dall.


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This bag I realy would like to make one time. I like that it doesn’t seems for use just in winter time ’cause most of hand knitted or crocheted bags looks like too warm for summer.